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01 February 2012 @ 09:37 pm

So tired. Todd asks my why all the sighing.


If I have to keep moving dishes from the side of the sink to the dishwasher, I may beat my wife. Starting to think if she can't be home by 7 pm, she oughtn't come at all.

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14 March 2011 @ 03:40 pm
For the first time in memory, I am able to breathe through both nostrils.

I began another experiment on myself. I'm conducting a daily nasal rinse.

Sunday was the first try, and it didn't amount to much. I had a sore throat afterward that I blamed on the irritation from my attempt.

Today the sore throat lingers, but I can breathe. I notice no increased sense of smell yet. Hopefully will go better tomorrow.

I've resolved to make this test go through at least April before I give up.
19 January 2011 @ 10:59 pm
A trail of lost clothing lines the highway.
A suitcase had slipped and fallen,
and its contents went astray.
Off in the gravel there is
a formerly red negligay.
Now soggy and tattered in ruins it lay.
Was a once symbol, a tool
to say 'let's play'?
Did it once make something nice
of an otherwise dreary day?
Now it's stained with snow and mud,
its pretty trim ebbed away.
Lost in the gutter it lies,
and like the love it once fostered,
it slowly decays and dies.

10 October 2010 @ 11:15 am
On Thursday night, Estela stayed home with Bam in the morning so I could go be photographed by The Wall Street Journal.  She therefore couldn't get to work until Abuelo showed up to watch the kid at about 11:00 AM.  She then stayed at work until after midnight.  She had a lot to do since they are moving the office on Monday, but I could consistently reach her on the office line, and she even left for a while to go get some dinner with my folks, Bam, and me so she could see her offspring before he was sent to bed.

That night when I put him to bed was the first time he's gone into his crib without cry or complaint.  What a good kid.

Saturday saw Estela feeling like she had to do more to get ready for this office move.  She left for the office between 10 and 11, and got home at 7 PM.  I was left caring for the Bam.  Abuela tended him while I went to the gym, and I did see my folks who loved to help.  While it was just he and I most of the day we went for some long walks and played at the part.  I think that I can handle him for a week while Estela goes to New York ... I just have to accept I won't get much done around the house.

Trying to work on my story now, but it's hard so I thought some mundane writing would loosen me up.  Ready to go back to it.  It's fun!
18 September 2010 @ 04:20 pm
I went to my 3rd Authorpalooza today, and this one was again in Orem.  This time was pretty nice, but I think they dolled the place up because Brandon Sanderson was there.

Once again the organizers forgot to get 2 seats for Alien Hand Syndrome, and there was scrambling.  We sat next to Dan Willis again, and there were several of the old guard.  It's a little like a reunion.

There was a long queue to see Sanderson, and only a few of them bothered to look at the other tables.  We had a few lookers, and we gave our little pitch, but there were really no takers.  No signing boobs today either, though the vogue thing was to ask us to sign their Nook cover.

At the very end Sanderson's queue let up, and I decided to get his new book.  He in turn came over to see us, and he looked through the book, and told us (mostly Alan) how he loved, and was sad nothing new came up.  Then he bought our one sale of the day.

I'll bet Sanderson still won't remember me, but he'll remember Alan ... lame.
10 September 2010 @ 03:45 pm
This morning I returned from the gym to find Estela in the kitchen feeding Benjamin.  She looked a little tepid, and asked me to feed him while she went upstairs.  I fried him an egg, fed it to him, and still she hadn't returned.  We went up to find her retching in the bathroom.  She was suffering severe abdominal pains.  At first she didn't want to go to a doctor, but as 8:00 neared, the pain persuaded her.  We hauled her to her PCP's office at 8:15, and they promised to fit her in next.  While we waited, Estela would pace the floor, then fall to her knees and cry into the carpet.  Grandma came and got Bam.

By the time we were sent to an exam room, she was begging me to kill her and when I didn't she was pleading with god to let her die.  There was more waiting.  The doctor came in, and she was very collected and figured out right away that it was a kidney stone.  Had we gone to the ER, they would have needed a CAT scan before administering medication, but since this was her PCP they filled her with morphine and then sent us out to get the CAT scan.  While waiting at the hospital there was more pleading, but it seemed the morphine took hold as she was taken back.  When they brought her back to me, Estela was all floppy.

The doctor then confirmed it's just a very, very painful kidney stone.  Gave her pain killers and sent her home.  I had to go to work, so I left her and Bam at Grandma's.

Estela's tally for the week (so far):  1 broken foot, 1 kidney stone.
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